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Affinity Homes

Invent, Plan & Act

Affinity Homes collaborated with a local brewery and needed help with engaging product design for their promotional beer cans.

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Affinity Homes designs and builds custom luxury homes in the Pacific Northwest. 

As a significant player in the luxury homes space, they understand the value of building community. Partnering with their favorite brewery, they created custom beers to leave in the refrigerators of finished custom homes. Beer culture is robust in the Pacific Northwest, and the gift is a creative way to say thank you to their customers.

The beer cans needed to reflect the nature of Affinity Homes. Attention to detail, high-end finishes, and quality are at the root of their messaging, and we wanted to keep that continuity in the product design. 

John from AH informed us that the beer would be an IPA and asked us to name the product and design the can.

We thought of the journey that brings a customer to Affinity Homes. These future homeowners are at a place in their lives where they can afford a luxury home but don’t know how to do it themselves.

They need help to invent the space, planning it out, and then acting on a formulated plan.

We landed on IP&A. Invent, Plan & Act. 

The product design ties in the bold red color of their established branding and suggests luxury with slick black and white styling.

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I had some graphic design work I needed to be done, and Two Wolves came highly recommended by a friend. They didn't disappoint. They designed some promotional products for my business, and they are amazing! I'll definitely be using their services again!

John Colgate

Founder | Owner

We loved working with John on this promotion for Affinity Homes. They're a well-established and prestigious PNW company, so aligning our business with theirs is a mutually beneficial collaboration. There's more work on the horizon and we can't wait to tackle whatever they dream up next.

Joseph & Michael

Two Wolves Creative