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Relaxed. Professional. Safe.

We were tasked with creating a brand identity and website for Hopeless' diverse client base.

What we did

Logo Design

Web Design

Graphic Design


Hopeless Ink is an award-winning tattoo and body piercing parlor. 

Progressive artists, rigorous sanitation and safety standards, and friendly customer service have made them stand out in the highly competitive market of tattoo shops in the Pacific Northwest.

They had already established a strong mission and personality as a brand but lacked a visual identity. Their website required the polished feel their brand reflects and needed a robust SEO overhaul to match. 

We began with developing a powerful logo mark and custom typography. We wanted it to carry a touch of counter-culture but still embrace a clean and modern feel reflecting their established brand. They’re an edgy tattoo shop, but with high professional standards.

We built the website with a strong emphasis on on-page SEO. The minimalist site acts as a continuation of their visual identity. Beautiful and to the point. 

Aside from its professional atmosphere, Hopeless has built upon the strength of the individual artists they employ. Stylistic artist portraits click-through to portfolios and Instagram pages featuring the artist’s work.

The site rounds out with a clear call to action to book an appointment.

Hopeless phone mockup
Hopeless logo mark grid
Hopeless logo marks
Hopeless logo grid
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Professional, quality, and responsive. We love our new website! They are simply the best!!! Everyone at Hopeless Tattoo loves it! Thank you, guys!

Luisa Noble

Hopeless | Co-Founder

Hopeless is a dream client in every way: Enthusiastic, conscientious, responsive, client-centric. Their branding, for the reasons listed, was already built with lots of hard work on their part. Our job was to highlight that and take care of visual cohesiveness.

Joseph & Michael

Two Wolves Creative

Rogue Pack