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Kirsten Conner

Love Where You Live

Two Wolves assisted Kirsten with a complete rebrand, a new website with an e-commerce component, and monthly long-form articles for SEO purposes.

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"You want to love where you live. But to find the home of your dreams, you need to know where to start.”

A prolific member of the Interior Design community in the Pacific Northwest, Kirsten Conner has been beautifying residential spaces for nearly two decades. Kirsten designs bespoke residential spaces that capture each homeowner’s unique story. 

We created a bold new logo and complemented it with a rich color palette of blue hues. Blue is one of Kirsten's favorite colors, and color blue itself infers a sense of reliability. 

We took her initials K & C and inverted the C. This created a frame for the logo without being overly obvious we were using her initials. We also enjoyed the idea of some negative space within the frame, implying four walls and an empty room to furnish. 

Kirsten had been using a powerful tagline and hashtag, "Love Where You Live." We decided to make it more prominent by using it as a floating CTA along the right side of the page. Clicking it brings you directly to a contact page.

On her former site, her design work was lost in a surplus of copy. We edited it down. Distilling the words to be clear and concise, while guiding potential customers to elegant photography showcasing her work. Evident CTA's lead to a contact page as well as a portfolio full of her most recent work.

As a facet of her business, Kirsten also designs and installs bespoke window treatments. We called this out on its own page, full of enticing copy and photography.

To round it all out, we seamlessly integrated a Shopify portal where she can sell furniture and other home goods. 

To help boost her SEO efforts, Two Wolves began crafting long-form blog articles. Most articles run in the 1500-2000 word range and target industry-specific keywords. Once a month an informative and entertaining blog article is published. These articles simultaneously build her brand and her SEO.

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Great experience rebranding with a new logo, business cards, and website with the guidance and talent of this duo. I am truly happy with the results of their dynamic copy-writing and visual design skills. This investment in my business has already started to pay off in the first six weeks.

Kirsten Conner

Founder & Owner | Kirsten Conner Interior Design

Kirsten's project was a challenge from the start. Interior design is a crowded industry where the cream rises to the top. That said, the fight for attention begins with a solid digital presence, including branding that's appropriate but unique. Kirsten's adventurous spirit and trust in us were commodities throughout the process.

Joseph & Michael

Two Wolves Creative

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