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Mister Made It

Clothing to slow down in.

New logo, new branding and a new e-commerce website with Printful integration. Mister Made It required all of the essentials for a new business featuring minimal clothing and minimal designs.

What we did

Web Design


Logo Design


Graphic Design



Mister Made it a clothing company that emphasizes minimalistic graphic design. They source clothing from WRAP certified manufacturers.

Two Wolves conceptualized their logo and visual brand identity. We also built an eCommerce website with CMS capabilities to help them organize their vast array of clothing. Categories ranging from T-shirts, hoodies, beanies, and snapback hats were arranged to track inventory, create product descriptions, adjust pricing, and set shipping costs.

We constructed a shopping cart and a checkout screen.  We connected MailChimp email marketing software so shoppers will receive automated emails for abandoned carts, order confirmations, shipping confirmations, and general “Thank you for shopping with us” emails.

Minimalism is the heart of Mister Made Its mission, so we built the website and checkout process with simplicity in mind.

We crafted the memorable and clear tagline “Clothing to Slow Down In.” The tagline is descriptive of Mister Made It’s business while staying in line with their mission. A strong jumping-off point for a clear brand voice.

Large imagery featuring diverse and alternative clothing models, with lots of white space and very little copy, makes up the website's UI. We selected photography with Mister Made It’s desired audience in mind.

The logo mark is a modified “M” with a small dot symbolizing a lower case “i.” It’s slick and low-profile, matching the nature of a brand built on being understated.

Messaging throughout the website reflects their brand voice. Geared toward slowing down, finding calm in the noise, and being present in the moment. We crafted the hashtag #slowlife and included it on all their automated emails and customer receipts. We encouraged them to use it on their social media as well.

The result is a cohesive brand and website experience. Using minimalistic web design to promote minimalistic clothing design.

Mister Made It logo grid
Mister Made It logo pattern
Mister Made It ad collage
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Two Wolves helped us clarify our message. They took abstract concepts and made them feel tangible. Everything from the logo design to the customer checkout feels cohesive. It just...feels like us. I couldn’t be happier.

Jonas Marcus

Founder | Mister Made It

It's very rewarding to be involved with a business at the start. Mister Made It wanted to make a huge first impression, but they needed help to get there. This project was a blast from the beginning, as they trusted us to implement the design, strategy, and messaging from start to finish.

Joseph & Michael

Two Wolves Creative

Mister Made It tee
Mister Made It tee
Mister Made It tee