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Case Study

Nest Showroom

Make yourself at home.

Nest approached Two Wolves for a rebrand and comprehensive website.

What we did

Logo Design
Web Design
Graphic Design

Nest is a "to the trade" showroom. They provide interior designers with exclusive access to dozens of vendors and an array of products.

When The Nest approached Two Wolves, their website was over ten years old and didn't reflect their business's current state.

They found it challenging to communicate their unique offering. Connecting creators with craftspeople.

They needed stronger branding and a website that could replicate being in their physical showroom. New designers also needed to how their singular process works.

All while identifying and establishing themselves as an authority in the design community.

We started with a distinguishable logo. A minimalistic and angular feather felt appropriate. Stylish and memorable.

We discovered dozens of glowing reviews online. It became clear that Nest's strength was its friendly staff and incredible customer service.

Two Wolves clarified messaging, directing it toward their core audience of interior designers. We emphasized Nest’s mission to address industry challenges and propose how their team can save money, time, and stress.

We built an expansive website connecting customers to over 80 vendors and their products.

Personable biographies make up the Meet The Team page. Connecting customers to the staff on a personal level.

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Working with Two Wolves was a pleasure all around, they understood my vision and executed our branding and website beyond expectations.

Michael Reper
Founder | Nest Showroom
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The end result is something that both the client and the agency are very pleased with. Strong collaboration and a clear vision are considerable virtues in a project of this magnitude. We place a high value on our on-going collaboration with Nest.

Joseph & Michael
Two Wolves Creative
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