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Resplendence trusted us with their visual identity, branding and website. Clean, modern, simple and elegant was the motif, and we were thrilled to help out.

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Resplendence is a full-service interior and graphic design studio specializing in commercial and residential design, branding, textiles, and custom wallpaper.

As a new business, they needed a strong visual brand identity and a responsive website to promote their services and sell their custom wallpaper.

Corina and Tasha are creatives with an exceptional eye for detail. They are poised, graceful, and fun. We wanted their personalities to appear throughout the website and their branding.

We started with a logo mark. They requested that it felt “tactile” and “natural.” We decided it would be best to illustrate the logomark by hand. We developed a custom script using a stylus and an iPad. 

The result is a logomark that feels drawn but graceful. The mark exemplifies their brand and speaks to their desired customer. Affluent, busy homeowners and business owners who understand the need to hire professionals to design their spaces.

We were able to use these branding assets to build a captivating website.

“Let’s Dream Big Together,” greets the user. The messaging alludes to Resplendence’s creativity while also gently challenging potential clients to think big.

Slender lines and gold coloring exude luxury and class, while smooth animations move the user through the site. The UI feels pleasant and bright.

We built the custom wallpaper portion of the site in CMS. CMS allows Corina and Tasha to update and populate new products whenever and however they like. Adjusting titles, product descriptions, photography, pricing, and contact information as their store grows.

Corina and Tasha's bios read as little stories. We wanted to think differently than just listing past accomplishments. Their business relies on their personalities and the relationships they form. These biographies add a personal touch allowing potential customers to connect on a personal level.

Resplendence Design Studio Portland, OR
Resplendence website layout
Resplendence iPad logo file
Resplendence logo guidelines
Resplendence logo guidelines
Resplendence logo guidelines
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I can't rave enough about Two Wolves. They're creative, thoughtful, professional, reliable, and dedicated to providing high-quality service and product. The support they have provided me whilst building my website has been phenomenal.

Corina Breck

Founder | Resplendence

Resplendence cards
Resplendence fabric

We love working with other creatives. It affords us the opportunity to collaborate on aesthetic aspects of the project. They were adventurous and forward-thinking while remaining mindful of their client base.

Joseph & Michael

Two Wolves Creative

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