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Rogue Pack

Young Portland Speaks

Rogue Pack understood the need for an effective strategy and marketing tool. We helped them create strong, consistent messaging to accompany a newly designed website.

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Rogue Pack is a non-profit theater conservatory in Sellwood. They provide storytelling theater workshops for young adults in the Portland metro area.

When they approached us, they had a single outreach program that focused on at-risk youth in the Portland metro area. After six years of going strong, they decided to add a second program—tuition-based classes for teenagers diving into the theater arts. The tuition from these classes would flow into their community outreach program.

They needed a brand refresh to accommodate their growth and differentiate the two very different branches of their non-profit.

Rogue Pack also recognized the need for a new website. Their Squarespace site had become cluttered, unfocused, and unmanageable. Using the new branding, we created a simplified and clean experience for users to find the program they were looking for.

The two programs are the Pack and The Collective. The Pack acting as the community outreach program, and The Collective being the tuition-based training.

Separating website navigation into two parts allowed us to create informative SEO-based web copy. At the same time, maintaining our UX/UI design standards. All tied together with a new visual brand identity.

The new logo mark is a combination of a wolf’s head and an open book. The mission of Rogue Pack to empower youth through storytelling. We felt that the open book worked literally and figuratively.

We used bold primary colors. Once again, this was a symbolic choice. Primary colors can act as a foundation to grow and create from.

The result is a memorable visual brand identity that differentiates two separate branches of a larger business. While still feeling cohesive.

An intuitive website allows users to experience the brand and learn more about an excellent organization.

Rogue Pack Portland, OR
Rogue Pack logo grid
Rogue Pack tagline
Rogue Pack flag
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Two Wolves Creative came highly recommended by someone who had had their website designed by them and was delighted. I knew Michael and Joseph really saw and understood Rogue Pack's mission when they rebranded our logo to make it simpler, yet reflect the complexity of our youth. They were there to assist every step of the way. Thanks, guys!

Ann Singer

Rogue Pack | Founder

We leave room in our schedule for at least one non-profit each year. There are so many amazing and generous people out there and it gives us joy to partner with these organizations. Rogue Pack approached us late in 2020 and it was impossible to say no.

Joseph & Michael

Two Wolves Creative

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