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Let's Build Extraordinary

Steiner Custom Building wanted to progress its business to the next level. They knew they needed fresh branding and a website that reflected the needs of their ideal customers.

What we did

Logo Design
Web Design
Graphic Design

Steiner Custom Building and Remodel is a general contracting firm in the Portland, OR metro area.

Booked months in advance, their business had expanded. Not only remodeling residential homes but commercial properties as well. A website that reflected Steiner's healthy development was the next logical step. We also wanted to craft a strong and identifiable logo to help them stand out in a crowded market of general contracting. 

A bold square with negative diagonal space creates an “S” shape. It draws inspiration from caution tape regularly found on construction sites. It not only fits with the brand but is a subtle nod to their safe work practices. 

We used bold headlines and beautiful gold color, reminiscent of yellow found of job sites, throughout. Residential and Commercial photo galleries built alongside a Before & After series showcases their work quality. Concise employee bios show off a little personality and allow potential clients to connect to the team personally. 

Lastly, we crafted a memorable CTA that doubles as a tagline and hashtag. LET'S BUILD EXTRAORDINARY rounds out the page, guiding users to make contact.

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Wow, the bids are flying in! Two Wolves Creative were incredibly driven and thoughtful throughout the entire process and their eye for detail and design is second to none.

Tim Steiner
Founder / Owner
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Tim and his team were excellent to work with. They had a vision, but we’re open to guidance and fresh ideas. The result is a beautiful brand and website they can be proud of and excited to share with their customers.

Joseph & Michael
Two Wolves Creative
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