Case Study

Steeplejack Brewing Company

Project: Steeplejack Brewing Company

Duration: January-May 2022

Role: UX/UI design, research


Steeplejack is a fast-growing craft beer brewery with three restaurant locations in the Portland Metro area. They wanted to create a new & more efficient website to replace the old one.

The previous website was based on a template resulting in low usability, poor user experience & lack of all necessary features and functions.

So, we decided to develop an appealing and functional website that would require less maintenance time, be more user-friendly, and improve user experience.


To position Steeplejack among a crowded brewery market in the Pacific Northwest as a leader and a destination for craft beer enthusiasts. In addition, it was important for Steeplejack to highlight their current locations—a rapidly growing facet of their company. Directly impact ROI by improving user satisfaction, usability, brand perception, and retention.


Let users explore Steeplejack's locations by developing a clean, simple user flow. Booking event spaces for each location is also a necessity for the business and user.


Distill and organize information into a concise, clean UI, including locations, executive staff, event booking form, and an events schedule.


Common themes included that many users visited breweries spontaneously. Of the 30 users we interviewed, brewery outings often occurred before or after an unrelated event, e.g., before or after a movie or concert.

While these survey responses provided a valuable snapshot of user needs, I interviewed 3 participants separately to gain deeper qualitative insights. Primarily, I wanted to understand how to improve Steepljack's product compared to its competitors. While competitor analysis can be helpful, I opted to ask these participants to rate three competitor websites and report what they found useful and what barriers they discovered.

Project Goals


Create a well-thought-out responsive website to deliver a hassle-free user experience.


Provide thoughtful UX/UI solutions within simple and effective brewery website design.


Provide a functional and user-friendly admin panel to allow content management via CMS.

User Persona

To help focus our design efforts on addressing the user and business needs, I created three personas to represent the typical users of our app. Of these three, Sarah became our primary persona.







Marital Status



Sarah wants to establish a local hangout serving craft beers and good food, where she can relax with friends, whether it's the destination or a stop along the way. She would also like to easily assess the location and menu quickly and easily before going out.


Sarah finds planning these gatherings arduous—too many decisions and many websites she visits have insufficient information to make informed decisions. And conversely, she finds it irritating when there is too much unfiltered or unrefined information to sift through.


Sarah prides herself on being in the know. She keeps her ear to the ground and knows when new establishments open in Portland. Sarah enjoys running and exercising, creating art, and going to concerts; lately, she has been dabbling in creative writing.

Information Architecture

I moved Steeplejack away from a bulky, poorly structured Squarespace site to a custom, CMS-powered site with Webflow.

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Before moving on to high-fidelity wireframes in Webflow, I wanted to get a feel for the basic layout and design to eliminate mistakes and establish clean code from the start.

High-Fidelity Prototype

Before moving on to high-fidelity wireframes in Webflow, I wanted to get a feel for the basic layout and design to eliminate mistakes and establish clean code from the start. The website style guide was informed in part by the brand style guide—which was completed by a different agency.