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Gerding Builders

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Brand Design, Web Design, Webflow Dev


Michael Draper: UX Copywriting, SEO


Gerding Builders is an employee-owned general contracting firm serving NW Oregon in several sectors, including education, healthcare, commercial, and non-profit — but Gerding's visual identity and website needed to tell that story. Two Wolves led an extensive website migration and redesign that brings Gerding's tagline, "Building a Better Standard," front and center with a modern, dynamic, mobile-friendly website. In addition, Gerding felt it critical to highlight their social initiatives, core values, and flawless safety record.


A Brand-Forward Website for a Community-Driven Firm

A mission-driven general contracting firm, Gerding completes large-scale construction projects throughout NW Oregon in various sectors, including education, healthcare, commercial, and non-profit, with an impeachable record of safety and diversity. However, their visual identity and website could have more effectively told that story, and the platform needed more robust capabilities. As a result, Gerding hired Two Wolves to overhaul its visual identity completely, migrate its website to Webflow and improve the site's accessibility, mobile-friendliness, and back-end functions by implementing a comprehensive CMS. In addition, Two Wolves created a new tagline, "Building a Better Standard," and brought it to life through a dynamic, brand-forward website.


Attract and Engage their Target Audience and Eclipse Their Competitors

Two Wolves knew the website was crucial for reaching Gerding's ideal clients, executive directors, and VPs seeking a strategic partner for their company's tiered marketing efforts. This project wasn't just a redesign. It was a chance to elevate Gerding's brand amid growing competition in the construction industry. The goal: show prospective clients that Gerding has the experience and capabilities to tackle complex projects.

We seized this opportunity to optimize Gerding's client journey, starting with the site map and information architecture. We mapped every page and component of the site to the user's needs, giving prospects a clear path forward and nurturing them through impactful content, including a robust CMS outlining their projects.

We completely redesigned Gerding's visual identity with a modern, fully responsive, bold logo and palette. Their strategic plan is to drop "Builders" from all marketing materials within one year and "Gerding" within two years. We love their ambition and think they have the right mark for the job.

Gerding Builders Logo by Two Wolves CreativeGerding Builders Logo by Two Wolves CreativeGerding Builders Logo by Two Wolves Creative


Generating Leads and Increasing Brand Equity

A more strategic focus and elevated aesthetic have improved the website user experience and strengthened brand equity. As a result, Gerding can easily engage the right prospects, increasing construction inquiries that directly support their business goals.


Increase in time visitors spent on the website


Decrease in bounce rate upon visiting the website

Gerding Builders mobile UI mockupGerding Builders mobile UI mockupGerding Builders mobile UI mockup
Gerding Builders UI by Two Wolves CreativeGerding Builders UI by Two Wolves CreativeGerding Builders UI by Two Wolves CreativeGerding Builders UI by Two Wolves Creative