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Nest Collective

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Brand Design, Web Design, Webflow Dev


Michael Draper: UX Copywriting, SEO
Christopher Dibble: Photography


Nest sets out to solve some of the biggest challenges of designing a fabulous home: fabric, furniture, wall coverings, lighting, rugs, and more. Nest works to-the-trade only by assisting interior designers with their sourcing needs. Two Wolves led an extensive website migration and redesign, highlighting their value proposition with a modern, dynamic, mobile-friendly website. In addition, we completely overhauled their visual identity with a fully responsive logo kit.


Simplified IA and Elevated Aesthetic for an Industry-Specific Innovator

When you occupy a particular niche and have an exorbitant number of products to feature, creating an information architecture anybody can understand can be challenging. Nest's previous site was difficult to navigate and needed to provide users with more information to make crucial decisions for their clients. Nest hired Two Wolves to migrate its website to Webflow and improve the site's accessibility, mobile-friendliness, and back-end functions by implementing a comprehensive CMS to a dynamic, brand-forward website.


Attract and Engage their Target Audience and Provide a Simple Solution to a Complex Business Model

Two Wolves knew the website was crucial for reaching Nest's ideal clients. This project wasn't just a redesign. It was a chance to elevate Nest's brand and simplify its complex business model. Through prototyping, testing, and user surveys, I made recommendations for streamlining their offering and communicating their unique position in the market. I optimized Nest's client journey, starting with the site map and information architecture. We mapped every page and component of the site to the user's needs, giving their customers a clear path forward and nurturing them through impactful content, including a robust CMS outlining their vendors and products.

I overhauled their entire visual identity as well. The new mark plays off the name by intentionally hinting at a feather or a leaf with a neutral, subdued palette that blends nicely with the myriad of products featured on the site.

Nest Logo by Two Wolves CreativeNest Logo by Two Wolves CreativeNest Logo by Two Wolves Creative


Building Brand Equity and Improving Overall User Experience

A more strategic focus and elevated aesthetic have improved the website user experience and strengthened brand equity. As a result, Nest can easily engage the right clients, increasing vendor inquiries and orders that directly support its business goals.


Increase in time visitors spent on the website


Decrease in bounce rate

Nest Showroom mobile UI mockupNest Showroom mobile UI mockupNest Showroom mobile UI mockup
Kirsten Conner Interior Design LogoKirsten Conner Interior Design LogoKirsten Conner Interior Design Logo
Nest Collective UI by Two Wolves CreativeNest Collective UI by Two Wolves Creative